About Our Company

This is what we’re doing.

XinVivo is developing 3D X-ray imaging medical devices featuring a carbon nanotube (CNT) X-ray source developed at UNC-Chapel Hill.


Standard X-ray is limited due to the size of and the heat generated by the X-ray tube. This new, patented technology allows the X-rays to be generated from an array of miniature nanotube sources which can be arranged in a small space. With an arc composed of these tiny X-ray generators, a significantly clearer 3D image can be produced and manipulated with standard software techniques. These techniques are called tomosynthesis (Tomo).

Here’s what you can expect.

The first of a series of Tomo products featuring the CNTs will be a 3D dental X-ray. The device produces a composite 3D image that the dentist can review to see cavities and fractures that cannot be seen in the standard 2D X-rays now taken in the typical dental office. Early studies indicate that dentists will detect at least 35% more caries using 3D, increasing their revenues as most of those findings will require intervention. With an existing installed base of 396,000 2D X-ray machines in the US, the company expects to enjoy a replacement market for over a decade. By that time, the 2D methods may be considered archaic. This composes a total addressable market exceeding $12 Billion for dental Tomo in the US alone. FDA clearance is expected in 2019.

We have big plans for the future.

The technology also lends itself to a complete rethinking of other CT and 2D scanners. The first offering into those additional imaging markets may be a mobile 3D for orthopedic use. There are also plans to use the nanotubes for heart imaging, improved breast imaging and other specialized devices where CNT-based 3D Tomo would present an advantage.

Our mission and values.

Our goal is to develop and offer medical and dental diagnostics incorporating the best technologies now available, thereby improving the healthcare delivered to patients globally.

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    We are a company dedicated to bringing better medical imaging and visualization to the world’s healthcare markets by delivering High Resolution imaging technologies and advanced software methods in our products.

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    We utilize the advantages provided by carbon nanotube X-ray technologies to deliver three dimensional images to medical specialties that have never before realized the improved diagnostic benefits that come from 3D imaging.

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    We serve patients, providers and payers with our products, while providing our owners, our employees and our communities with responsible returns.

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    We operate ethically, are financially responsible and seek to advance our company and society by creating and deploying the most useful technologies available.

Our statement on quality.

XinVivo has developed and implemented our Quality Management System (QMS) to support the design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of technology-leading X-ray imaging products. The QMS includes all business policies, procedures, and requirements for XinVivo to deliver products which fully meet our customer expectations and wholly comply with all FDA regulatory requirements. Our Quality Policy is core to our business.

Our employees use the policy guidelines to drive focus assuring the X-ray systems we manufacture meet applicable medical, industry, and customer requirements for safety and performance.

XinVivo strives to continually improve healthcare worldwide by offering technology-leading medical imaging devices.

The company’s management has committed that acting ethically, legally, and in compliance with its guiding principles, it will:

  • establish measurable organizational objectives for the effective operations of the Quality Management System,
  • be fair in our transactions with our constituents, and
  • confirm XinVivo meets customer and regulatory requirements.

All XinVivo employees are accountable for satisfying our customers’ expectations using our Quality Management System procedures following our corporate guidelines and policies.